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  To be a family.
 To treat each other with respect, concern, support and care.
 The company's most important assets are its people, who are bound together by common goals and dreams.
 To enhance the performance by being proactive, having self-control, awareness, and independence.
 The company grows with individuals who have the spirit of self-learning, challenge, self-growth,
 and being responsible
 To achieve better work results with superior abilities of communications, cooperation and harmony among personnel,
 and efficient knowledge transfer.
 To maximize the group power by supporting and supplementing each other.
To aim co-existence and co-prosperity with the policy of "Customer First".
   To gain customer's trust by delivering better than expected results.
To enforce the merit system and result-oriented policy throughout the work.
 Successful accomplishment of roles, being responsible, having a challenging spirit, without being afraid of failure.